The Role Of Interfaith Communication Forums In Building Inclusive Societies Through Multiculturalism Dissemination And Supply Chain Practices

  • Wahyudi


Indonesia is an archipelagic country. More than 300 ethnic groups live in Indonesia. In the era of globalization that brings the advancement of science and technology, Indonesia must build its society into an inclusive society. Study aimed to analyze the relation amid solidarity and brotherhood, supply chain practices, kinship and inclusive societies with mediating effect of gender equality. An inclusive society can be built with a multiculturalism approach. Multiculturalism is the core values ​​of an inclusive society. One of the organizations that actively cultivates the values ​​of multiculturalism is the interfaith communication forum of Malang Raya. This forum consist of some religious activists who’s represented all religion recognized by Indonesia, such as Hindu, Buddha, Christian, Catholic, Islam, Kong Hu Chu, and Trust in the Almighty God. This forum also has contributed positively to the creation of an inclusive Malang community.This forum try to spread multiculturalism values such as solidarity and brotherhood, gender equality, kinship, and respect to different social culture attributes.