Reviewing Online Learning Facing the Covid-19 Outbreak

  • Unung Verawardina, Lise Asnur, Arina Luthfini Lubis, Yeka Hendriyani, Dochi Ramadhani, Ika Parma Dewi, Resmi Darni, Tigus Juni Betri, Wilda Susanti, Titi Sriwahyuni


Online learning is urgently needed to keep up with the development of the world of education which is supported by information technology that leads to the digital era both process and content in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. With online learning, learning process can happen anywhere and anytime flexibly. Referred to as the emergence of the covid-19 outbreak that threw the world away, so it is necessary to maintain vigilance, which is through the interaction of direct contact with other humans, so that the impact on learning disrupted at school can therefore be overcome by implementing online learning. This article discusses online learning to deal with the covid-19 outbreak. The results of the study found that the need for preparation, clear steps in applying online learning, the role of the teacher, the role of the students, the benefits of online learning and overcoming the limitations of online learning.