Digital Competencies as Necessary Requirements for Successful Professional Teachers in Future

  • Yerkinay Yelubay, Lazzat Seri, Dinara Z. Zhorobekova, Alima M. Utemuratova, Diana T. Zhumagulova


Rapidly evolutions and dependence on modern digital technologies require new skills and competences for doing work effectively. The integration of digital technologies in education have a huge perspective and considerable impact on the development of future teachers’ digital competences and skills at universities. This research examines future/current teachers’ self-assessment level of digital competence based on the research questionnaire. In order to conduct the research, a questionnaire was developed based on the digital competence model and framework given in the theoretical part. We further analyze the research findings and suggest ways to develop future teachers’ digital competence. Data indicate that current future/current teachers are motivated to use modern technology in the educational process, but they lack sufficient knowledge/level or skills to use digital technologies in the teaching process. Ultimately, the results expand our understanding of future/current teachers’ strengths and shortcomings in combining digital technologies with pedagogy at a higher level.