Evaluating the Effects of the Oasis Enrichment Model on Gifted Education: A Meta-Analysis Study

  • Abdullah M. Aljughaiman, Alaa E. A. Ayoub


The current study aimed at evaluating the effects of enrichment programs based upon the Oasis Enrichment Model (OEM) on various dimensions of gifted education in Saudi Arabia. The researchers reviewed 35 studies selected according to the following criteria: (A) the enrichment programs were based upon the Oasis Enrichment Model, (B) the studies were published between 2009 to 2011, (C) the studies dealt with the primary, intermediate, or secondary grades, (D) the studies used pull-out method or summer enrichment programs for gifted students, (F) the studies included experimental and control groups or experimental groups only, (G) males and/or females, and (H) studies that reported effect sizes or provided data which allowed the researchers to calculate the effect size in their results. The studies included 2048 (1719 male and 329 female) students. Participants were from three stages: 644 students from the primary stage, 721 students from the intermediate stage, and 683 students from the secondary stage. The results indicated that enrichment programs based on the OEM had statistically significant positive effects on the variables of analytical abilities, creative abilities, thinking skills, critical thinking, future problem solving, attitude to learning, motivation, decision making, content of knowledge, classroom performance, and personal and social traits, while there was no statistically significant effect of these programs on the variable of integrated science processes.