Malaysian Youth Political Participation: A Conceptual Framework and Hypothesis Development

  • Haslina Halim, Bahtiar Mohamad, Shamsu Abdu Dauda, Farah Lina Azizan


Previous studies have suggested that the traditional form of political participation in developing countries has been diminishing, including Malaysia. This trend, if continues,  especially when it involves the participation of the younger generation,  may likely lead to an uncertain future of democracy. Taking this into consideration, the present research hopes to further investigate and understand youth behaviour in political participation. This conceptual paper discusses the factors that contribute towards Malaysian youth motivation in political participation based on an extensive critical multidisciplinary literature review. Specifically, the paper elaborates on the proposed relationships between social media usage, perceived information quality, political interest, political knowledge and political participation.  Political knowledge is also predicted to mediate the relationships between social media usage, perceived information quality, political interest and political participation.  Based on the extended discussions of the proposed relationships, the paper also introduces a model of youth motivation in political participation.  Besides contributing towards the literature on youth involvement in political participation, this paper will help reinvigorate the implications of social media usage, and present an in-depth knowledge and understanding about Malaysian youth political participation.