Analysis of Government Official Twitters during Covid-19 Crisis in Indonesia

  • Salahudin, Achmad Nurmandi, Tri Sulistyaningsih, Muhammad Lutfi, Iradhad Taqwa Sihidi


This article aims to explain the intensity of government communication and coordination on Twitter social media during the handling of Covid 19 in Indonesia. This study uses a qualitative analysis approach of government social media Twitter content. Nvivo 12 plus software is used to manage data, namely the classification of speech themes on Twitter content, mapping the similarity and similarity of Twitter content, and data analysis. This study revealed that government officials, both President Jokowi, Covid 19 handling officials, and the governors communicated and coordinated on social media Twitter that discussed Covid 19 handling. Communication and coordination of handling Covid 19 focused on the theme of handling Covid, namely the appeal and direction of the government center to unite against corona, know and understand Covid 19 and Corona Virus, comply with central government policies, pay attention to the interests of the country, and care for Indonesia. Then this study revealed that each government official, especially between President Jokowi and the DKI Jakarta governor, had different concerns about the themes discussed in the communication and coordination in handling Covid 19. Nevertheless, all government officials had the same vision, namely the acceleration of handling of Covid 19. The findings of this study need to be explained further in subsequent studies that have focused on analyzing the effect of communication intensity and government coordination on the policy of handling Covid 19 in Indonesia.